Converting Steam install to Microsoft Store install

This guide is relatively straightforward and simple. It takes a minute or two and skips all the download steps (aside from the filecheck, just to be safe). After following these steps (and linking PSO2 to your steam above), you will be ready to play PSO2 NA Steam! \o/

Please note that, after doing this, you will be able to swap between the Microsoft Store and Steam versions of PSO2NA at any time, with them both working as expected.

  1. Open the PSO2 Tweaker ( and change your version from "Global (Steam)" to "Global (Microsoft Store)".
  2. On the popup, select "Global", then

    "Microsoft Store" (NOT STEAM)

    , then "Yes". Select the same "pso2_bin" folder you were using in your Steam install. (Where PSO2NA is currently installed)
  3. Wait for the console windows to finish, then hit OK to restart the Tweaker.
  4. Hit yes to do a filecheck, and wait for it to finish.
  5. Once the filecheck has completed, you will need to register the game with the Microsoft Store. Complete the steps here starting with "Finalizing The Setup", up to "Launching the Tweaker". (Essentially, just running the powershell script)
  6. You can now launch either the Steam or Microsoft Store version of the game at any time by switching at the top.
  7. Linking Steam account to Microsoft Store account

    Now that you can use the two versions side-by-side, switch the version back to "Global (Steam)". Launch the game through the Tweaker like before to get your code. Then close the game, switch to the "Global (Microsoft Store)" version. Launch the game, put in the code, and enjoy the game! \o/

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